residence: Pompton Plains, NJ

I have none of the credentials normally listed in a bio. No degrees, no years of running a successful business and no experience in political campaigns or activism. I am simply an average person that has been working and living at survival mode. But I have the only credentials that I believe really matters. I am a citizen and I have an idea that may improve our political system.

For several years I have been trying to promote this idea with very little money and a corresponding amount of success. I have recently come into a small amount of money which I should put aside for retirement. I have decided instead to invest a larger portion of this money than I should to get Voucher Vendetta started.

I left my job to make this a priority and will be working as a volunteer for the next few months. If Voucher Vendetta is growing or successful by then I will need to draw a survival sized salary ( a few hundred dollars per week ) or return to my old job. Please don’t make me return to my old job. I would much prefer working for you. While I don’t expect to ever approach this amount, I will never take more than 100 thousand dollars per year ( peanuts by political consultant compensation ) even if Voucher Vendetta were to receive hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in contributions because I want your money to be used for Voucher Vendetta. ( If Voucher Vendetta is successful I expect I may have the opportunity to cash in personally on the back end with a book deal or something along those lines.

We are sorry but you will not be able to vote in 2016 so you cannot complete registration for Voucher Vendetta at this time. Please check back soon as we will be starting a Young Vendetters Club so that you can register your intention to participate in Voucher Vendetta in 2018 or 2020 when you will be eligible to vote.

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